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Two and a Half Hour Private Session With A 30 Minute Consultation: By Phone Or In Person

Taking a deeper look into why you are not creating what you want to manifest/create in your life. Professionally, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritualy.

Understanding the core issues which have created self defeating behaviors in life, relationships and situations that limit your creativity and productivity.

Setting up a three step course of action that can create lasting and beneficial change once implemented and consistently acted upon. Thers is a follow up to continue the work once the session is completed and a take home CD.

Realize what is holding you back from your greatness. Recognizing where the block is and showing you a step by step your blueprint to heal.*Very powerful process.

Providing you with a technique that can stop anxiety, depression, high stress and worry. This must be done for 21 days to have the greatest impact in your life.

Deep healing CD that you get to take home with you or sent to you via email that will balance you and bring peace of mind, releasing any overwhelm or stagnant energies.

Understanding your core belief about money, relationships, family life and how to get rid once and for all your limiting beliefs that no longer serve you!

Digitally recorded MP3 file

All sessions are fully recorded on a digital recorder for an instant download via email as an MP3 file so you may listen to it at any time.

Follow up to your Session
You will receive a follow up call to your session to have additional support and guidance as you implement all that you learned and discovered about yourself and your situation.

BONUS: Ongoing support through a monthly tele-series dedicated toward personal empowerment, inner peace and balance, prosperity tips for a successful lifestyle, includes a guest speaker. Valid for 3 months! ($297 Value!)

Book Online Now: Only if you are feeling stuck in one or more of these areas-
Finances: You feel you don't have enough, paying off debt, scrambling to get more to pay bills, don't have extra $ for vacationing for the kids or yourself?
Emotionally: Not honoring or loving yourself, emotionally unavailable, insecure, self-worth issues, regrets, shame, hurt and an inability to show love openly to your children, family and/or friends
Intellectually: Worried, stressed, feeling depressed or have anxiety
Physically: drained or lack energy, not feeling motivated, indigestion problems, overweight or suffering from any physical ailment or disease (the physical is a manifestation of emotional blocks & issues; we get to the core of why you are suffering)
Spirituality: Feeling disconnected from your Source, distant & not grounded, covering up old wounds, disassociated and lack of ability to listen to your intuition.

Current Fee's For StarPower* Coaching: $1200.00 For Professional Industry & Corporations

$500.00 Individuals & Solo-Entrepreneurs


Soul Therapy Members $350.00

Purchase Before September 21st, Book Up To December 21 2010

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